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Dr. Gulshan Rohra is a highly skilled and experienced cardiothoracic surgeon with a career spanning over 12 years. During this time, he has established a reputation as one of the leading practitioners in his field, delivering exceptional patient care and achieving consistently positive outcomes. He has a deep understanding of the latest techniques and technologies in cardiothoracic surgery and is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in this field. With his combination of experience, expertise and compassionate approach, Dr. Gulshan Rohra is a highly sought-after surgeon, known for providing his patients with the highest level of care.

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As a Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Gulshan Rohra is Skilled in various Adult Cardiac, Thoracic, and Vascular Procedures. Professionally trained doctor with experience of over 12 years, ensuring a high standard of accuracy & ethically competent care for a wide variety of cardiac patients.
Trained in Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) and Complex Cardiac Care at James Cook University Hospital, Middleborough, United Kingdom

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Son of Mr. Pandey

I'm very thankful to Dr Gulshan Rohra sir who is a Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital,he has operated my father who is fully recovered and he has got discharge from the hospital in just 4 days from his Bypass Surgery. The doctor is honestly the best one I have ever seen as he is very humble and make you feel very comfortable. I would like to recommend him from my heart as a excellent Heart Surgeon who gives skillful treatment.The best part is that he shares his personal what's app number with his patients and you can reach him anytime with your concerns. I would like to share a personal experience with him that's when I had messaged him with a concern and he is so down to earth that he had replied to all my messages and had shown his concern towards his patient. I really feel that Doctors are God as they save our lives and for my family Dr. Gulshan is not less than a God as he should get all the credit to save my father's life.

Neeraj Dnyandev Shinde

When life relies on the mercy of the Almighty, he lends us a pair of hands that act as the savior. Dr. Gulshan Rohra were those pair of hands that saved my 72 year old father on 9th Aug, 2022. Dr. Gulshan undoubtedly has one of the best experiences performing CABG heart surgery in Mumbai. He was prompt in communicating us the risk level before the surgery and was focused on doing his job well. My father, despite being a diabetic patient and considering the age factor, he managed the mission successfully. With the right oversight, care and diligence before the open heart surgery, he simply handled the case very well. I recommend his diligent services to mankind and to those who have been advised of the CABG surgery.

Advocate Heena Mistry

My brother was hospitalized for Byepass surgery Dr. Gulshan Rohra is a wonderful surgeon and the staff was always helpful and kind. Specially Dr. Gulshan Rohra is incredible person. It's rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Many many thanks to Dr.Gulshan Rohra and his team for giving a second life to my brother...🙏

Daughter of Mr. Sardar

Basically Dr Gulshan Rohra has given confidence to us. Calm using his skill and professional knowledge we can say extended life of Appa. Modern magician. I was particularly impressed by the way he calmly walk to Operation theater. Like elder elephant walk to fight with Yama for others. It's like rebirth.

Son of Mrs. Warang

My mom's By pass surgery was committed by Dr Gulshan Rohra..I sincerely thanks him for his excellent treatment, who has a very good investigative mind and ability to connect with patients easily as well as very positive moral support.

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Marzban Hathiram
Marzban Hathiram
I underwent quadruple CABG under Dr Gulshan Rohra at Wockhardt hospital in March 23. Prior to that I underwent angiography under Dr Ravi Gupta at the same hospital in Feb 23. Placing your life in the hands of a person is not an easy task. You need to be of a matching wavelength, you need loads of trust and there needs to be clear communication. In my interactions with Dr Gulshan, I found his thought process, his articulation of medical points in a non jargon filed language, his ability to simplify complex medical issues, and last but most important, an over-whelming feeling of humility and service, which is so missing in the medical fraternity of today, where many surgeons have a superstar status and believe themselves to be right next to, or even (shudder) above God. During the angiography, we had a couple of service issues at Wockhardt which I brought to the notice of Dr Rohra. He immediately deputed a senior nursing professional to look into the same and ensure that the same issues did not recur during the main surgery stay. We were given a choice of rooms, excellent support and constant hand-holding throughout the stay. As to the surgery itself, Dr Rohra, in his own low-key way, explained that there had been several challenges, but dismissed the same as part of his normal routine. After the surgery and in the ICU, his smiling face and quiet demeanour inspired confidence in me and my recovery, according to the nursing staff in the ICU was one of the fastest. I was out in 2 days and 2 days later we were discharged from hospital. To anyone who is in the difficult position of having a life-threatening cardiac issue, my advice is – go for the surgery and go for a doctor like Dr Rohra. Forget the superstars and larger than life actors. As he explained beautifully – living life is not enough – it is the quality of life that matters. After my surgery, I find myself and those around me, constantly surprised with my energy, vigour and zest for life. That is what a complete re-vascularisation of the heart gives you – a new heart and a new life. Of course, none of this is possible without the love and affection of those around us, and most importantly, the blessings of God. Despite being such a top-class surgeon, Dr Rohra had the humility to answer “I’m sorry but I don’t yet have an answer to that query” when questioned on some incidents post-surgery. That humility and the readiness to be a learner always is what sets him apart from many other doctors, who may be equally or even more competent that him, but whose position and education has instilled in them a feeling of superiority or a God-complex. You can be a great surgeon but a not-so-nice human. Dr Gulshan is that rare breed: he is an excellent doctor and an excellent human being. We need many more like him! Thank you Doctor for all that you did for me!
reshma shaikh
reshma shaikh
Dr Gulshan Rohra has been a great help during my mom's treatment(open heart surgery) , extremely efficient,kind and humble. Keeping us informed about the procedures,treatment, recovery and other things as well.. We (my entire family)are grateful to Dr. Gulshan Rohra.Thank you Dr. Gulshan Rohra.
Surendra Gala
Surendra Gala
Very calm and friendly and focused towards the work. I felt very much stressed free during the procedure and post procedure treatments and follow ups. Understands and respects the patient words and gives the best advice. Keeps track on patients progress and reverts to calls and messages at the earliest. Very much experienced. I feel lucky to have such an amazing doctor..!!! Thankyou so much Dr.Gulshan Rohra and Team Wockhardt for serving the best services and doctors one needs
Gauresh Mestry
Gauresh Mestry
Dr Gulshan Rohra is one of the best cardiologist surgeon i have ever come across. He has changed my mother’s life. He has performed a mitral tissue valve replacement on her and the operation has been successful without any complication. While we came in for consultation he was so positive which actually made my mother ready to undergo the Surgery. Its been more than 2 months now taking proper follow up with dr for routine checkup.Thankyou Sir. Keep up the good work and your positive Vibe.
Anubha Saini
Anubha Saini
Dr. Gulshan has came into our life as an angel who has literally saved my drowning boat. His dedication, care n professionalism towards his patients is remarkable. If you are reading this to check his feedbacks, trust me in coming time you will be the one writing the positive feedback for him.

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